Managing asbestos in a property is undoubtedly an onerous task for the duty holder. Fraught with problems, not least of which is the risk of incurring legal action if the process is not correctly adhered to, a wide range of criteria must be satisfied within the eyes of the governing bodies where the treatment of asbestos is concerned.

Supervising and managing your own asbestos removal or containment can prove extremely time-consuming and costly if you do not possess some degree of experience in the area. In addition, a sound working knowledge of the standards, specifications and documentation required is absolutely essential.

In today’s high-pressured business environment, commissioning CWE to represent you in your removal management projects will ultimately relieve you of additional stress, as well as ensuring you receive value for money.

Our experienced project management team at CWE can utilise its skills, on your behalf, to ensure that the asbestos removal process runs smoothly and effectively in a number of different areas:

  • Dealing with the survey results – clarification on whether the asbestos can be managed or whether removal is the only option
  • Identifying potential contractors who are licensed by the HSE to conduct the removal of asbestos and assessing their competency
  • Producing a “Scope of Works” and specifications on behalf of the client, in order to procure tenders from contractors
  • Using a well-defined set of criteria to help select the best candidate for the job
  • Carrying out a cost analysis of tender returns to ensure the client receives value for money
  • Preparing and collating all documentation and notifications that are legally required both in advance and following completion of the job
  • Becoming the client’s “voice” at site meetings
  • Managing and auditing contractors
  • Offering you the best solution for safely maintaining any asbestos that may have to remain within the premises

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