The main purpose of a management plan is to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that no one can come to any harm from asbestos on the premises. In particular, it is to prevent the inadvertent exposure to ACMs by workers who can disturb the fabric of the building during maintenance, refurbishment/repair, installation and related activities.

The management plan should be clear and unambiguous. It should set out the aims of the plan, what is going to be done, when it is going to be done, and how it is going to be done. There needs to be clear lines of responsibility, with each person involved understanding their role. A mechanism for regular monitoring and an annual review of the management plan to ensure that it is working properly should also be included.

Our technical team are able to provide an asbestos management plan tailored to the client’s requirements. In addition to this, they are highly qualified to provide advice and support to clients.