Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis

CWE Services Ltd are UKAS accredited to carry out bulk sample analysis in accordance with HSE guidance (HSG248) and are participants in the proficiency scheme AIMS and in house quality assurance system.

Six types of asbestos fibres are commonly found within building materials in the UK:- Chrysotile, Amosite, Crocidolite, Fibrous Actinolite, Fibrous Anthophyllite and Fibrous Tremolite. These fibres are too small to be seen by the naked eye and require testing before they can be classified as an asbestos containing material.

Bulk sample analysis involves the investigation and identification of asbestos fibres within building materials using stereo and polarised light microscopy. The material matrix is prepared and searched for any signs of fibres under a low powered stereo microscope, once suspect fibres are found they are mounted on a slide within an appropriate refractive index liquid determined by the analyst. The fibre is then analysed using a polarised light microscope and dispersion staining objective to determine if the fibre is asbestos, and if so, what type.

Once the samples have been analysed a certificate is produced clearly indicating what types of asbestos fibres have been identified (if any) and a copy supplied to the client.

Sample analysis is carried out at our Head Office in our fully furnished modern laboratory by our experienced team of P401 trained analysts with over 20 year experience.

CWE is full integrated with TEAMS asbestos software and are available on the sample exchange.

We offer a standard 24 hour service and an urgent service on request.

Chrysotile, Amosite and Crocidolite asbestos fibres as viewed under dispersion staining using polarised light microscopy.