Our Services

We offer professional, dependable asbestos surveying, management and consultancy services.


Whether for the public or private sector, our experienced and skilled team will conduct and provide a comprehensive survey and risk assessment, together with recommendations for dealing with the presence of asbestos, thus assuring safety within the home or business environment. Our surveys include a detailed report with photographs of the areas inspected/sampled and a site plan showing item locations. Risk assessments and recommendations are included within the report.


Our highly experienced analysts are provided with fully fitted and operational mobile laboratories to ensure that a high standard of service is provided to our clients. Slides are counted in the mobile laboratory and the certificate handed to the client/contractor whilst on site.


Perhaps you are an employer, facilities manager or landlord with a duty of care that requires you to identify and manage asbestos in your workplace. CWE has a wealth of experience in helping businesses to ensure that their legal responsibility to the workforce is upheld. 


Tight working schedules and deadlines may leave you little (or no) time for dealing with a daunting prospect like asbestos removal. CWE’s long history in running highly effective asbestos management/removal projects for our extensive client base has given us a sound understanding of your potential needs and concerns.

Please get in touch on 01934 838025. We hope to be of service to you soon.